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  • Pannon Observatory-Bakonybél

    Pannon Observatory-Bakonybél

    Everything which is astrology! Two stories astronomy and space research and exploration. There is also a planetarium and a telescope park, and a 3D cinema space in the building.

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  • Saint Maurice Monastery-Bakonybél

    Saint Maurice Monastery-Bakonybél

    The Saint Maurice Monastery in Bakonybél is very close in age to the Hungarian State: it was founded by our first king, Stephen I. in 1018. Its first abbot was St. Gunther of Bohemia, the relative of queen Gisela.

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  • The Sacred Well-Bakonybél

    The Sacred Well-Bakonybél

    The Christian ’Szentkút’ is older than 600 years. It is one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in our country. If you visit Jásd, it is worth visiting the other sights of the village: Avar- fortification, ruins of Csikling castle, Parish Church, Poós- mill, Poós –watermill which works as a museum today. You also have an opportunity to ride the horse.

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  • Bakony Safari

    Bakony Safari

    Hiking and off-road adventure tour, archery, cross-country tour and healthy tours in Bakony- Bakonybél around.

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  • Cistercian Abbey Church of Zirc

    Cistercian Abbey Church of Zirc

    Zirc Abbey, also known as Zircensis or Boccon, is a Cistercian abbey, situated in Zirc in the Diocese of Veszprém, Hungary.

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  • Cistercian Historical Library, Zirc

    Cistercian Historical Library, Zirc

    The number of books swells to 65,000 volumes by 1950 when the State took possession of the library following the dispersal of the monks of the Cistercian Order.

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  • Arboretum in Zirc

    Arboretum in Zirc

    National importance, protected arboretum.

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  • Bakony Natural History Museum

    Bakony Natural History Museum

    The museum was established in 1972. The roots of the current museum go back to the museums of Veszprém County and later Bakony Museum founded by Dezső Laczkó in 1902.

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  • Sobri Jóska Adventure Park

    Sobri Jóska Adventure Park

    This park is waiting for children and adults! Enjoy it on the ground, on the water, in the air.

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  • Csesznek Castle

    Csesznek Castle

    More than 700 year old building shows us their history.

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  • Via Ferrata – Csesznek

    Via Ferrata – Csesznek

    This is a good way to go hiking!

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  • Eplény Síaréna Ski Resort

    Eplény Síaréna Ski Resort

    In winter, in summer Eplény is a good choice!

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  • Várkert Spa Pápa Medicinal and Thermal Bath

    Várkert Spa Pápa Medicinal and Thermal Bath

    Enjoy the water! Competition pool, leisure pool, spa and thermal bath Pápa.

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