The Bakony Natural History Museum - our country's first rural natural history museum - was founded in 1972, but its collections go back centuries. The geological, botanical and zoological knowledge is presented through a permanent exhibition.

The Ice Age Giants in Bakony permanent exhibition was opened in 2007, the protagonists of which are the skeletons of the woolly mammoths from Csajág discovered in 2006, but the skulls of the most common animals that make up the mammoth steppe fauna and the skeleton of a cave bear are also presented. The 3D images in the exhibition are a rarity in Central Europe.

A permanent part of the exhibition is the Jewels of Nature - a selection of a few hundred pieces presenting the minerals of the Carpathian Basin. Even people who regularly walk in the nature rarely meet these special representatives of the inanimate world, since crystals and minerals hidden in rock cavities and rock cracks are usually only revealed during mining.

Another part of our permanent exhibition is the Trophy Exhibition. In order to increase the youth's knowledge and love of nature, in 2006 dr.  Imre János Bativai-Schüle donated the trophy collection of his Bakonybél hunting lodge to the Bakony Natural History Museum. The preparations and trophies shown in the exhibition give a taste of the fauna of Kamchatka, Austria and Hungary.

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