• Team-building
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The enormous park and other facilities provide the perfect place for some outdoor games, for example: obstacle courses.

We are happy to help you organize the programs. We will support you in any case.

The BBQ garden is a good choice for culinary team-building programs or to relax at the end of the day.


Outdoor programs

Clerks in boots

This type of the team building is similar to the “Survival” exercises. The participants can try their skills and need to cooperate with their teammates.

All-day activity

In the morning will be a small trip into the woods followed by a furnace lunch with typical Hungarian dishes. In the same time the participants could also join some sport programs. After dinner a laser biathlon “championship” will be organized.

Strategic games

In this program it is necessary to use some skills: orientation, logical, dexterity and cooperation. And there are some programs which needs some physical shape. Half an hour before the game participants receive a map and the performance paper. The winner will be who collects the most points.

Scamp’s life!

The participants will see how the scamps live day to day, how they get their money, their food and how they rifle. And they can learn how to be a good archer.

Treasure hunt trip

This trip is very exciting for those who would like to leave the tourist’s path. Here you can get acquainted with the forest in the day or at night. You can discover the Bakony and its undiscovered places.

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