Would you like to improve and make communication more efficient? Perhaps you would like to provide your colleagues a well-deserved relaxation after a demanding work? Obstacle courses can be quickly built in our immediate environment, while the interweaving of the forest and the hotel imperceptibly expands the boundaries, from the Gerence stream to the 900 meters to the peak of Köris-hegy.

We help you in the organization of the programs right from the planning stage. During your stay here, you can count on our flexible problem-solving support.

Our grill garden provides a good opportunity for our gastronomic team-building programs. (Team-building cooking or a cozy outdoor oven roasting)

Special meals available on request: vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free.



The "Survival" training is an active-outdoor team-building session based on survival techniques, within the framework of which the participants can test their skills and ingenuity in an unusual way - breaking with the game types of traditional trainings.

Collaboration in the team is important when solving tasks, the development of which is ensured through increasingly difficult challenges. The first 3 teams will receive a prize.


Morning orientation tour in the forests surrounding the hotel lasting about 2-2.5 hours, followed by a meal with an oven lunch. The day ends with a sport program.

Evening energy-reducing team-building games after dinner in the hotel's ping-pong room, interactive indoor games and an evening laser biathlon competition led by a professional animator.


Orientation, logic, dexterity, combination skills, cooperation skills, and physical tasks that can be solved by individuals with a general physique. Half an hour before the start, the teams will receive the maps and the performance sheet containing the tasks. The strategic game is scored, the teams receive the points system at the start, so they can work out the best the best strategy, and until the last moment the team does not receive feedback as to whether the given score is enough for victory or only for the midfield.


The primary goal of the program is to provide the group an easy, funny, but interesting pastime outdoors. The participants take turns in teams at the locations of the training programs, where they face interactive presentations and tasks. The program consists of various elements - archery, dexterity and fitness tasks, during which the elements of looting, treasure hunting and robbery must be fulfilled.


Our treasure hunting routes with their own markings hide exciting experiences. They can test their ability to find their way around, their endurance, and get to know the life of the forest even at night. During the tour, we lure our guests away from the well-known tourist roads and let them discover the less-traveled bends of the Bakony, the hidden rocks of the green forest, and wild raids. We help you learn and apply the basics of orientation. We make the forest a friend worthy of respect and give you the opportunity to defeat it.


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