Family events

It is also a pleasure for us if our work can be part of a successful organization of family events, be it birthdays, christenings or wedding anniversaries. We will do everything to make the atmosphere of the festive events permanent.

In addition to traditional restaurant events, you can also imagine your dream event in our separate rooms, which we arrange and decorate to suit the occasion. With young ideas, the park and the barbecue garden can quickly be turned into event venues.

Special meals available on request: vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free.


Saying goodbye after the school years spent together is an unforgettable and significant event in our lives, and then meeting years and decades later. The Bakony Hotel is also the ideal place to experience these moments. Away from the noise of the cities, pampered with silence and tranquility, the shared moments of the past emerge more vividly.

If you are interested, ask for our personalized, unique offer!


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